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In The Name Of Allah The Most Gracious And The Most Merciful
  My Biodata 
UFO...only seen in my page

        You all maybe know anything about me and maybe not..hehehhe....I'm not a popular guy as you know...I'm a low-profile guy....heheheh....If you want to know more about me, you are allowed to contact me wherever you are.....
okay guys......hehehhehe.....
            So I would like to introduce myself so, you all can get some information about me....okay??.....Now, please follow the instruction below.....
    1. Use the mouse....I mean the mouse of computer
    2. Go down by using your own mouse...
    3. And then you can see it....heheheh
    4. Just a joke.....don't  be angry..

         mY naMe    : zULkiFLi bIn JaFAr
            CyBer NaME    : fUNzOoL, zOoL
                dAtE oF BiRTh : 17 fEBruArI 1981
                    pLacE oF biRTh: hOsPiTaL dAEraH PoNtiAn
                        AgE : 1998-1981 = ?????uSe yOuR caLcULatOr
                            aDdResS : **, *** ******** ****, AyEr BaLOi, pOnTiaN, JoHoR
                            cYbeR aDdReSs :
                        tELePhOnE nUMbEr : 07-69318** (uSe yOur tEL. boOk)
                    HoBbiEs : wRitiNg (cewaHH kOnOn), chAttInG, cOmiCs
                fOoDs : mEe reBuS mAk, dAn yAnG hALaL sErtA LaZat
            dRinKs : cARroT sUSu, hOrLIckS, daN yAnG hALaL
        eMaiL : fUnZoOL@uSa.nET, zULkIf81@hOTmaIL.cOm email me when you are free
  yOu aRe viSiTorS
this counter only for a joke