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In The Name Of Allah The Most Gracious And The Most Merciful
something real about me
.something real about me
hi welcome to my cool site
wanna know about me??
my name : zulkifli bin jafar
my cyber name : funzool,lyzool,gRunGe17
d.o.b : 17th february 1981
zodiac : aquarius
p.o.b : hospital daerah pontian
age : 17 years old
address : jelutong laut, ayer baloi, pontian, johor, malaysia, asia...
new cyber address :
email :,,
icq no. : 17967744
hobby : chatting, surfing, emailing, hearing radio
fav. foods : my mother's cooking and halal foods
fav. drinks : horlicks ice and halal drinks
fav. sport : volleyball 
fav. # in irc undernet : #restu,#wakafan,#hostel,#16
fav. bbs :
fav. color : blue & green
place of study  :
kindergarten - Sekolah Tadika Seni Lukis, Jln Prt Mesjid ( 3 months)
primary - Sek. Keb. Pulai Sebatang ( 6 years )
lower secondary - SMKA Maahad Muar ( 3 years )
upper secondary - Sultan Alam Shah Islamic College ( 2 years )
ambition : multimedia engineer
philosophy : If You 7hink You Can, You Can!! No One Remember 7he Second!! So, Be 7he #1  
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