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something real about my family
something real about my family
Hmmmm...I you want to you want to is me funzool. This is the latest picture of myself. Guess where this picture took place?..This picure was taken in my school, SASIC at the end of my study in there. Wanna look other pictures? Take a look at my latest album.
  My Parents 
And guys..look at this picture, this is my parents. My father's name is Jafar bin Othman and my mother's name is Yatimah bt Omar. This picture was taken is 1995 at Kukup's Jetty , Pontian. We live together in peace and harmony.
  My Sisters 
This are my sisters. I have 3 sisters. My elder sister is 20 and the    others are 16 and 9. The picture was taken in 1997 in front of my house.


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